Gender Roles and the Perception of Women

There was a time that having a daughter born to a family evoked more pity than congratulations from the community. Sons were valued more for they were viewed to bring practical help towards augmenting the family income through physical labor, as well as ensuring that the family name lives on with his progeny. (“Feminism”)

Silence Of The Lambs

paper:Silence Of The Lambs ?: What is Forensic Anthropology From within the specialized area of osteology–the study of bones?comes the application of the methods and techniques of analyzing skeletal remains for cases that will apply tf legal importance. Osteological analyses yield clues as to how populations of people might have lived, how old they were […]

The Culture Of Fear

The Culture Of Fear Barry Glassner?s The Culture of Fear is a critique of pre-nine/eleven American culture. Published in 1999 by Basic Books, The Culture of Fear exposed Americans to their own misplaced fears. This book offers a new perspective of the American media machine and its effective fear mongering techniques. Barry Glassner is Professor […]

A Rose For Emily

A Rose For Emily ?A Rose for Emily? by William Faulkner is a remarkable story of a Miss Emily Grierson, who at the beginning of the story is deceased and her funeral drew the attention of the entire population of a small southern town named Jefferson. An unnamed narrator suggests that the narration were done […]

Death Of A Salesman

Death Of A Salesman Three of the writings that I read about this semester dealt with love. The sensation of love is an important ingredient in each of these writings. Each of the writings dealt with love from a different perspective. In each of these writings love is presented with a different theme. It is […]

Neanderthals Portrayed In The Media

Neanderthals Portrayed In The Media There are many movies in popular media that misrepresent Neanderthals. In the movie ?Quest For Fire,? there are several aspects of Neanderthals that are accurately and inaccurately portrayed. These aspects include physical dimensions of the body, tool use, the capability of language, and, of course, the use of fire. Regarding […]

The Veldt

The Veldt The Veldt The story The Veldt touches on a lot of topics that are happening right before out eyes in today?s society. Although they may not be as extreme as the Veldt, there are similarities that we can closely relate to. Ray Bradbury?s attempt to foresee the future of where our society was […]

Knowing Oneself

Knowing Oneself Knowing oneself is difficult. Some people can understand a part of themselves in the span of their lifetime. Most are totally clueless of which they are. It is a gift if one is able to unravel the mystery of his persona. I consider myself lucky that I have an idea of who I […]

The Benefit Of Ourselves

The Benefit Of Ourselves ESSAY QUESTION 2. Darkness. Much literature is concerned with dispelling our complacency about our lot?our self assurance, our belief in the triumph of goodness and light. Choose three works and show how the authors make us confront the dark side of our nature. Works I choose: Midsummer Nights Dream, Brave New […]

A Crippled Teenager

essay:A Crippled Teenager, It is not a pleasing thing to be a crippled teenager. Adolescence is hard enough in normal circumstances, but when you add on other struggles it becomes a whole other world. It was as if a cow came falling from heaven and landed smack on top of me. One minute I was […]

Six Concepts in Different Cultures

Six Concepts in Different Cultures   ? The world is full of different cultures. Every country and continent on earth has several different cultures with several different belief systems and values, and anthropology studies all these cultures throughout time. Aspects of anthropology like enculturation and ethnography I found particularly interesting because of possible impact they […]

How Would You Contribute In Your Counrty As An Engineer

How Would You Contribute In Your Counrty As An Engineer The rain drops on the windshield wake me up. I sit up and look out the window. Water currents taking along garbage and gasoline rainbows, the cars looking for another way to get by, and the small zinc houses along the road vanish as the […]

Benito Cereno

Benito Cereno The Bachelor?s Ignorance In Herman Melville?s ?Benito Cereno? ignorance appears to be an overwhelming theme. Although ?Benito Cereno? holds a powerful message about slavery, this is not the major idea of the story. Ignorance is the fire that fuels slavery. During the entire story every main character displays signs of idiocy. Unfortunately, the […]

Scholarship Essay

When I was a little kid my mom let me pick out the wallpaper for my room in the new house we were building. I chose a wallpaper that had cartoon airplanes intermixed with clouds. Ever since I was a little kid being a pilot has been my dream. Explain how a working relationship is […]


Architect Architect As an architect you will design buildings and other structures. You will provide services to the people that you are working for. They tell you what they want and you basically do exactly what they want. First you start with the client and discuss what they want. You could stay with the client […]

1960 A Turning Point In American History

1960 A Turning Point In American History19601960?… The 1960s was a time of immense change for the country of America. During this time, the nation practically reformed itself in its way of life. This startling change was brought about by the people who believed it was time to be vocal about their views and ideals. […]

Why Being an Architect Fits Me

Why Being an Architect Fits Me Why being an Architect fits me My strengths and interest are in design, creativity and imagery but I feel I am also good at problem solving. If I had to pick a career I?d choose Architecture because it utilizes more of my strengths than weaknesses. My career goal is […]

American Revolution

American Revolution The American Revolution was largely economic and political in nature. The political reasons were that England neglected the colonies, taxation without representation and limitation of individual rights and privacy. Then there was the most important side the economic. There was trade restriction, mercantilism, and taxation. On the economic side of the revolution colonist […]


Eveline EVELINE In James Joyce?s ?Eveline,? Eveline, the young Dublin girl has a life that she wants to leave. She realizes the hardships in her life, and sees that they are the same as her mothers. Not wanting to live the same life as her mother, she plans to leave with a young sailor named […]

Black History

Black History What are your schools teaching during Black-History month You may be surprised to learn that many schools have not taken Black-History as a challenge to explore different ideas, people, and aspects of history. Many have failed by teaching only the minimum required. Todays youth are missing a huge opportunity to understand Black-History so […]

Eyes Of The Dragon

Eyes Of The Dragon The role of animals in The Eyes of the Dragon is a very significant theme in the novel. Through the development of the novel, the animal kingdom is very apparent in the novel from insects to dogs and they all play their own, individual roles. The great black and white Andean […]

1993 DBQ

1993 DBQ,18,…… 1993 DBQ Early English colonies in America hardly resembled the union of men and women that would later fight against England and build a new country. In fact, until the mid-eighteenth century, most English colonists had very little, if anything to do with the settlers in neighboring colonies. They heard news of Indian […]

Romanesque Architecture – Regional Comparison

Romanesque Architecture – Regional Comparison After the collapse of the Roman Empire, nearly all architectural development came to an end in Europe. Construction after this time was determined by practical need and chiefly limited to houses of worship. Churches of this time were small, undemanding structures and it wasn?t until the 8th century that the […]

Declaration of Independence

? Declaration of Independence The Declaration of Independence is considered one of the most important documents in world history because its effects were felt around the world and not only in its place of origin, the United States. While blacks used context from the declaration to challenge slavery in the United States, the French used […]

Becoming A Firefighter

Becoming A Firefighter Becoming a Firefighter Being a Firefighter is a very prestigious career that requires many years of training. ?Firefighters are the people who protect lives and property from death or destruction by fire? and they must be able to respond immediately for any type of emergency (Bridges Internet). They are usually the first […]

Ghost Dance

Ghost Dance Who The Seventh Cavalry and the Sioux Indians of South Dakota. What The Seventh Cavalry attacked the Sioux for performing the Ghost Dance. The aftermath of the attack was forty soldiers and two hundred Indians were killed. Where The Ghost Dance Religion began in Nevada and quickly caught on across the Plains. The […]

Canterbury Tales

Canterbury Tales Classic Note on Canterbury Tales The Knights Tale, Part I: The Knight begins his tale with the story of a prince named Theseus who married Hippolyta, the queen of Scythia, and brought her and her sister, Emelye, back to Athens with him after conquering her kingdom of Amazons. When Theseus returned home victorious, […]

How To Become A Green Beret

How To Become A Green Beret The two crossed arrows, was worn during World War II by the best soldiers, the Special Service Force. All together they operate in about130 countries, speak about 15 different languages and hold higher-level positions than soldiers of the same rank. And unlike most soldiers, their mission is not as […]


Frankenstein Frankenstein by: Mary Shelley This storys protagonist, Victor Frankenstein, decided that he wanted to create a being out of people that were already dead. He believed that he could bring people back from the grave. Victor Frankenstein felt that he had no true friends, and the only release of emotions was through letters to […]

King Andrew I

King Andrew I King Andrew I The United States of America was founded on the basis that every man had certain unalienable rights, and no man should be able to change or take those away. The American people struggled to win freedom from the oppression of a domineering King, and fought a war because of […]

Billy Budd

Billy Budd In society, when communicating to another person an idea which must be understood, the communicator must develop many strong points to express his/her idea. In Billy Budd, Herman Melville uses many different types of literary techniques and elements to express his idea. In Chapter 29 and ?Billy in the Darbies? the power of […]

Mark Twain

Mark Twain Mark Twain was greatly known for his moralistic and humorous writing. It was often ironic writing that exposed corruption and hypocrisy while examining small-town life in America during the 19th century. A great example of his writing would be, ?The Man That Corrupted Hadleyburg.? He uses all of his types of writing including […]


Congo Congo was an astounding bestseller novel. It was a great fictional novel that took place in the depths of the Congo rainforest. The novel was later made into a movie. Both the novel and the movie were good, however, I prefer the novel. It just seemed like a more entertaining piece than the movie. […]

Bilingual Education

Bilingual Education The United States is one the world?s most ethnically diverse nations, the U.S. attracts immigrants from several countries. One of the most frequent asked questions are, how do we accommodate immigrants and whether to try to fully blend them into the U.S. culture There is a huge controversy over the Bilingual Education issue. […]

Animation In Education

Animation In Education Animation and Technology in Education Education has appeared in many forms. Major thinkers have always recognized the value of intellectual exploration and experimentation. Teachers, too, have always worked to shape desired convictions, knowledge, and behavior. Animation can used to provide extra help where it is needed. Animation is a series of still […]

Chestor Alan Arthur

Chestor Alan Arthur Chester Alan Arthur Chester Alan Arthur was the 21st president of the United States who gained the presidency when President James A. Garfield was assassinated. Arthur rose above loyalty to his political party to enact the first comprehensive U.S. civil service legislation. The act signaled a new era of reform in national […]

Giving Words Life

Giving Words Life Leslie Marmon Silko is a Laguna Pueblo Indian who has written many stories of how Indian life and the lives of ?white? people have interconnected. Silko does not adhere to a specific style of writing, such as MLA because she feels that it takes away from what she is trying to say. […]

Christopher Columbus

Christopher Columbus Christopher Columbus (1451-1506) Christopher Columbus was an outstanding navigator and organizer of expeditions. He achieved fame by sailing west across the Atlantic Ocean in search of a sea route to Asia. He did not accomplish this goal. Instead, he encountered islands in the Caribbean Sea. At that time, the people of Europe and […]

Simile Use In ?Everything That Rises Must Converge ?

Simile Use In ?Everything That Rises Must Converge? Understanding Similes in ?Everything that Rises Must Converge? The use of figurative language is usually present in all pieces of literature. Similes are a form of figurative language that compares two things that are essentially different, and develops the qualities of each person and/or thing to create […]

Coconut Grove Fire

Coconut Grove Fire The headline of the Boston Globe said it best, ?Nightclub Burns, Hundreds Dead!? The worst nightclub fire disaster in history occurred more than 60 years before the Station Nightclub fire in Rhode Island. On 28 November 1942, the Coconut Grove Nightclub in Boston burned to the ground, killing 492 and injuring 166. […]

Great Gatsby – Women

Great Gatsby – Women The turn of the century made many influences on the world. However, it was approximately in the 1920?s when women become more independent, delegated, and responsible for more things in the world than just keeping the house tidy, as was the mentality back in those days. The Great Gatsby, by F. […]

Septemer 11 Casue And Effects

Septemer 11 Casue And Effects Throughout the course of a person?s life there are events that change the path of life and how the person will live and look at life in the future. As in my life I have witnessed and experienced events that have changed the way I live today. The events of […]


Family Throughout my lifetime, the opinion that I own that defines a typical family unit has varied greatly. As you grow and mature you learn that the structure and characteristics of your family are very different from that of the family unit in other cultures, lifestyles and regions. In the time that we live in […]

The Battle Of Gettysburg

The Battle Of Gettysburg The Battle of Gettysburg was ?one of the deadliest battles ever fought on North American soil? (Internet Resource 4). More soldiers fought and died in the Gettysburg Battle than in any other battle in America. There were ?more than 2,000 land engagements of the Civil War? (Internet Resource 4), but Gettysburg […]

Wake in Fright

Wake in Fright ?Wake in fright? first appealed to me through its title rather than its promised content. At first I found the novel very tedious to read and lacking in the action that was promised by the title but as I continued through the text I became engrossed in this violent story of animal […]

The Hoover Dam

The Hoover Dam The Hoover Dam, which stands at 726 feet, was the world?s tallest dam at the time of it completion in 1935. It took just four years (1931-1935) to build this massive structure. Although larger dams have been built it still ranks as one of the tallest. The dam is located between Nevada […]


Cinderella The Tales of Trembling and Cam Throughout time and around the world, the story of ?Cinderella? is an ongoing legend. In all these versions, the theme of the story is about struggles, suffering, love, and good winning over evil. The Cinderella fairy tales also reflect the culture, social norms, and traditions of the people […]

THe Role Of Puritan Women

THe Role Of Puritan Women The New England colonies were a direct outgrowth of a renewal of religious conflict in England. The more intense Protestants, calling themselves the Puritans, demanded a simplification of the church and less control by the English church. The Puritans intended the Massachusetts Bay colony ?to be a holy commonwealth made […]


DaVinci DaVinci is famous for many works. Some of the paintings he did were very unique. He would cross hatch left to right because he was left handed. In writing he also wrote different, writing right to left. Leonardos most famous saying is “To know how, to see how.” But he had many good sayings. […]

Pacific War As A Race War

Pacific War As A Race War The Pacific theater of World War II was one unique and interesting progression and a stark contrast from the events taking place in the European theater of war. The war in the Pacific did not start out as a race war at all nor did its continuation necessarily qualify […]