The American Red Cross

The American Red Cross The American Red Cross is an organization which has been helping people for many years. They take donations and put them toward helping people in times of need. They are a valued institution in the US. This paper will discuss the causes and effects of the American Red Cross. The Red […]

Guy Montag

Guy Montag In the book, Guy Montag, the main character, begins to question the things around him when he meets a local girl. He quickly feels comfortable with her and they begin to have discussions about mundane things that seem to open up Montag?s eyes. Then one day, the girl is gone. In a short […]

Things Fall Apart

Things Fall Apart Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe Things Fall Apart, by Chinua Achebe, is an historical narrative. It?s written with the historical knowledge of Britain colonizing Nigeria. Yet, it is from a view point which we are not used to reading from. Things Fall Apart is from the eyes of the colonized. The […]

Crash, By Linda Bacon

Crash, By Linda Bacon Upon initially viewing Linda Bacon?s oil painting, ?Crash?, one witnesses a chaotic jumble of activity. There is a tall wooden man standing with one leg poised on a sleek red car. That car is one of three others that appeared to have some sort of ?crash?. A small man is running […]

A Perfect Day For Bananfish

A Perfect Day For Bananfish ?A Perfect Day for Bananafish? was written by J. D. Salinger as a one of The Nine Stories. ?A Perfect Day for Bananafish? tells the life of Seymour Glass at a time when he is struggling to find peace in his life after returning home from World War II. Seymour?s […]

Mother Courage And Summer Of The Aliens

Mother Courage And Summer Of The Aliens Scene eleven from the play ?Mother Courage and her Children? and act one scene four from ?Summer of the Aliens? are scenes which are performed very differently, according to their theatrical styles and using conventions relating to those styles. The context in each scene diverses too, however there […]

Themes Of The Crucible

Themes Of The Crucible Themes Reputation – Reputation is tremendously important in theocratic Salem, where public and private moralities are one and the same. In an environment where reputation plays such an important role, the fear of guilt by association becomes particularly pernicious. Focused on maintaining public reputation, the townsfolk of Salem must fear that […]

Ethan Frome

Ethan Frome Ethan Frome saw the potential that he possessed. He realized the things he was capable of doing and being, but was constantly stunted by his own inhibitions and backward country environment. There were many conflicts concerning his possibilities and limitations that corroded him and caused inner turmoil. When Mattie Silver came to stay […]

Things They Carried

Things They Carried ?What You Carry, Actually Carries You!? Imagine walking down the streets of Boston, where everyone was naked, who?s who, what are these strangers? likes, dislikes?. Every one of us, each carry our own significant items and each one of those items shares a little peace of us with the rest of the […]

A Time to Kill

A Time to Kill A Time to Kill is a novel written about how a ten-year old black girl named Tonya Hailey?s life was shattered when two rednecks beat and raped her, and then how her father took the law into his own hands and decided their punishment himself. Tonya was walking home from the […]

To Kill A Mocking Bird

To Kill A Mocking Bird Characters Jean Louise ?Scout? Finch She narrates the story describing her life between the ages of six and nine. She is a tomboy and well educated, mainly due to her father, and she has an optimistic view of the world and people around her. She lives with her widowed father, […]

Exploring Conflicts

Exploring Conflicts EXPLORING CONFLICTS Stories are usually rated in interest on whether their story lines are captivating or not. Plots always try to relate to their readers. To apply to the audience without confusion. A basic aspect in good writing is the fundamental element of conflict. Writing pieces can not be complete without some sort […]

Thomas Paine

Thomas Paine The Writings of Thomas Paine were crucial to the execution and success of the American Revolution. In the pamphlet Common Sense, Thomas Paine defines the American Revolution. He speaks of man?s natural right to govern themselves and King George?s actions not protecting but suppressing these rights. This type of talk was controversial to […]

Ethan Frome

Ethan Frome Can you recall feeling as though everything you knew was trying to trap you, including your own self and conscience Welcome to Ethan Fromes world – where societys intolerance, his feelings of isolation, and his desperation trap him. In Ethan Frome, by Edith Wharton, it becomes evident that Ethan experiences those three aforementioned […]

Alice In Wonderland

Alice In Wonderland Alice In Wonderland Alice in Wonderland is a very strange story. I think that this book could have a number of hidden meanings, the most profound of these being Alice?s inner conflict with her own self identity. In this story, I assume that Alice is roughly between the ages of eight and […]

Shadows of Auschwitz

Shadows of Auschwitz Shadows of Auschwitz The Holocaust was from 1933 to 1939, where the Nazi?s made it their lifelong duty to ruin Jewish people. It started in 1933 by new German laws forcing Jewish people to quit certain jobs. In 1935, German Jews were stripped of their citizenship. Eventually, anti-Jewish regulations made it to […]


Candide Candide is a satire filled with humor and extraordinarily unrealistic situations that evolve in order to develop prevailing themes. The primary themes are 1) the folly of optimism, and pessimism as well, 2) the hypocrisy of religion, 3) the corrupting power of money, and 4) the assumed superiority of nobility according to the so-called […]

Mysterious Rage

Mysterious Rage Mysterious Rage Unknown ?The Tell-Tale Heart? is a story written by Edgar Allan Poe. He writes about a man who goes mad by being disturbed by the old man?s eye. The man is driven insane over the eye and leads to the murder of the old man in cold blood. The man?s own […]

Morbidity (Asthma In NZ)

Morbidity (Asthma In NZ) Morbidity Essay This essay outlines the social and cultural factors that may have influenced the increasing rate of asthma morbidity within New Zealand. The issues that will be discussed at length include the latest facts and statistics of asthmatics provided by the New Zealand Asthma & Respiratory Foundation, the characteristics and […]

Treasure Island

Treasure Island Treasure Island The sun is beginning to set upon the water. The soft waves are rolling in at my feet. Somewhere in the distance I hear the cry of a seagull. This is my favorite part of the day. I love taking evening strolls along my very own private beach. Nothing compares to […]


Clasuewitz In Roger Parkinson?s ?Clausewitz A Biography.? Parkinson argues Clausewitz as a man was sensitive and compassionate, and was not the war monger the later generation has conceived Clausewitz to be. The evidence to support this thesis was found first in chapter five entitled Prisoner of War, which discusses Clausewitz?s reaction and feelings of being […]

Van Gogh?s Starry Night

Van Gogh?s Starry Night Vincent Van Gogh and his ?Starry Night? A world-famous Dutch painter Vincent Van Gogh created various wonderful paintings that are extremely precious and well-known today. That is why it is difficult to believe that he was a poor, unknown painter, and his contemporaries didn?t really like his works. Only after Van […]


Sybil Sybil is a novel about a young woman named Sybil Dorsett who lived with Disassociate identity disorder (DID) for most of her life. As a young child, Sybil was sexually abused by her mother, and her father failed to recognize what was going on in his own home. Many psychologists believe that a form […]


Frankenstein The original novel presents a human monster whose innate goodness is more believable. Furthermore, the monster in the novel inspired more sympathy whereas the monster in the movie inspires fear. The monster seems more human in the novel than in the movie. When watching the movie, the watchers have to assume how the monster […]

Animal Farm

Animal Farm Animal Farm: Russian Communism Portrayed Through Character The novel Animal Farm, by George Orwell, is an allegory portraying the dangers of a totalitarian government. It seeks to show how a society where all live completely equal has not been, and cannot be achieved. Orwell, through the use of the character Squealer, shows how […]


Catch-22 In his World War II novel, Catch-22, Joseph Heller satirizes a variety of bureaucrats and the military-industrial complex. In this story the protagonist is Captain Joseph Yossarian, a World War II bombardier, who is being stationed on the island of Pisona. He is an individualist who seeks to protect his own life and tries […]

April Morning

April Morning In April Morning by Howard Fast Solomon Chandler is a main character with many traits. One character trait is Adam?s view of Chandler which changes throughout the novel. Chandler?s physical appearance and his war experiences are two more traits expressed in the novel. This is not Solomon Chandler?s first war experience. He was […]

A Sorrowful Woman

A Sorrowful Woman Explication of a Passage from Gail Godwin?s ?A Sorrowful Woman? One winter evening she looked at them: the husband durable, receptive, gentle; the child a tender golden three. The sight of them made her so sad and sick she did not want to see them ever again. She told the husband these […]


Assimilation Assimilation In the short stories, ?Everyday Use? by Alice walker, ?From Outside in? by Barbara Mellix, and ?Becoming Literate: A Lesson from the Amish? by Andrea R. Fishman all discuss the struggle for assimilation in many different ways. Dee (Wangero) in ?Everyday Use? manifests her struggle for assimilation through the customs and dress of […]

Masks Of Africa

Masks Of Africa Masks of Africa: Since the earliest times masks have played an important role in the culture of Africa. Masks have varied in appearance and function. Many masks are associated with religious ceremonies, myth, dance, rituals or are concerned with spirits of the dead, rites, or even curing sickness. The mask has been […]


Comparitive Missy vs. Rambo Our family has many pets, and among them are two dogs. One is a Cocker Spaniel and the other is a Golden Retriever. The Cocker Spaniel is a male, and its name is Rambo. The Golden Retriever is a female, and its name is Missy. There are many differences and similarities […]

George Orwell

George Orwell George Orwell has two very conflicting feelings towards the Burmese people throughout his essay. He writes ?I thought that the greatest joy in the world would be to drive a bayonet into a Buddhist priest?s guts?(Pg.680), and then he turns around and says ?Theoretically?and secretly, of course?-I was all for the Burmese and […]


Beloved The definition of literature is protean with personal interpretation. A broad meaning of literature is ?anything written, even what you receive in the mail if you send for free information about a weight-reducing plan or motorcycle.? It is further defined as ?a kind of art, usually written, which offers pleasure and illumination? (Kennedy, xxxviii). […]

Clemente Chavez

Clemente Chavez ?There is a heat more intense than fire of the torch! And it can be rekindled at a moment?s notice! Where discrimination, injustice and oppression rear their ugly heads the fire can be called upon to burn them away.? Clemente Chavez is a protagonist in the novel Heart of Aztlan. The took place […]


Beowulf John Gardener?s novel, Grendel retells the epic of Beowulf from Grendel?s point of view. Grendel lives in a large cavern under a lake with his mother in Hrothgar?s kingdom. For twelve-years Grendel has been at ?war? with Hrothgar, king of the Danes, intent ?on destroying him?slowly and cruelly.? When Grendel first meets Hrothgar he […]

Grapes of Wrath

Grapes of Wrath John Steinbeck?s classic novel, The Grapes of Wrath follows the trials and tribulations of Tom Joad and his family, along with a supporting cast of characters which includes members of Tom?s family, as well as local people. When Tom is released from prison after serving four years for the crime of manslaughter, […]

Animal Farm

Animal Farm “Twelve voices were shouting in anger and they were all alike. No question, now what had happened to the faces of the pigs the creatures outside looked from pigs to man and from man to pig and to man again but already it was impossible to tell which is which.” Animal Farm by […]

Of Mice And Men

Of Mice And Men The two main characters in the novel, Of Mice and Men, are George Milton and Lennie Smalls. George is a small, intelligent man who cares for and acts as a sort of guardian for Lennie. Lennie is a very large, muscular man whose mind is very slow and is almost childlike. […]

Cyrano De Bergiac Appearance

Cyrano De Bergiac Appearance In my personal essay i chose the umbrealla theme of Cyrano deBergerac as my topic. Which asks if we tend to take importance on how we look than on any other thing that is or should be more important. However in ?Cyrano deBergerac? view he concerns about his nose as being […]

Great Gatsby

Great Gatsby In the novel The Great Gatsby, Fitzgerald is criticising American society of the 1920s. He uses the characters to demonstrate the power than men had over women during these times, as well as their mindless, self-indulgent actions, where consequence was only an afterthought. The attitude towards and the role of women is shown […]

Damascus Experience

Damascus Experience The Damascus Road Experience I decided to do my paper on Acts 9:1 though Acts 9:9. I chose this passage because I believe it made a huge difference in Christianity. After his experience on the road, Paul became one of the most influential men in the Bible. He also wrote two- thirds of […]

Greed and Corruption in The Canterbury Tales

Greed and Corruption in The Canterbury Tales Greed and Corruption in The Canterbury Tales Many of the religious characters in The Canterbury Tales represent character traits that are different from what is traditionally expected of them. This is because the Catholic Church, which ruled all of England, Ireland and most of Europe in the Fourteenth […]

Views On Society Through Novels

Views On Society Through Novels Views on Society Whether done intentionally or not, many authors? beliefs and views are portrayed through their own text. Ideas of the author can be found subliminally throughout the compositions they write. Many authors use metaphors such as William Golding in Lord of the Flies, others are more blunt like […]


Handmaids The social structure of nearly all communities from the 1600s to the present have been headed by a wealthy or ruling class. Many practices and institutions within the society exist to ensure that the ruling class retains its power, often marginalizing other groups in the process. This dis-empowerment can be achieved through religious beleafs […]


Hiberbation Hibernation, state of reduced activity that occurs in some animals during the winter. In cold weather most animals must eat large quantities of food to obtain the energy needed to carry on normal body activities. In winter, however, food often becomes scarce, so many animals cannot survive unless they hibernate. A hibernating animal greatly […]


Earth Abdomen is the rib-free part of the trunk below the diaphram. Which is broken down into nine regions. In this essay I will break down the nine regions and what is involed in the regions. The first region in the abdomen is the Hypochondriac region. In the Hypocondriac region the following organs are placed, […]

The Ilad

The Ilad Plot (Synopsis): In the tenth year of the war between the Greeks and the Trojans, Chryses, a priest of Apollo, comes to the Greek camp to ask for the return of his daughter Chryseis. She had been captured during a raid and given as a prize to Agamemnon. When Agamemnon refuses to return […]

Ethan Frome

Ethan Frome Ethan Frome, the main character in the Edith Wharton novel Ethan Frome, is a man who lives in a world of silence. He lives in the New England town of Starkfield, Massachusetts, with his bitter wife and his wife?s cousin Mattie. Over time Ethan is a man who has become trapped in Starkfield […]

Carter Woodson

Carter Woodson Dr. Carter Godwin Woodson Dr. Carter G. Woodson was a distinguished Black author, editor, publisher, and historian. He is known as the ?father of Black history.? He believed that blacks should know their past in order to participate intelligently in the future affairs of our country. He believed that black history is a […]

Catcher In The Rye

Catcher In The Rye Novel Paper: Character Sketch Holden Caulfield is the main character in the novel The Catcher in the Rye, by J.D. Salinger. Holden is the narrator of this story, which he lets the reader know everything about himself and everything he does. His lousy vocabulary sense of words makes him stand out […]