what is it really Is it all a big game People perceive it in so many different ways and interpret it to such an extent they forget what it really is. It?s a gift and opportunity that we are blessed with. Like all tasks utilising it most effectively is incredibly difficult and enjoying it while we have it seems to be the furthest from what we do. Those who tell me that ?life wasn?t meant to be easy? see elements in such a negative view. Life was meant to be easy? we just make it hard for ourselves.
Some have it easier then others but in the overall scheme of things no one has anything to complain about.

Unfortunately it?s a fault in humanity? so many of us see everything to be negative. Even at the best of times we find something that disappoints us. Is that because we have such high expectations To be honest? who knows But what can be sustained is that we are all given a chance and what we do with it, how we go about doing it and what result comes from it determines how easy things become.
So many complain about their appearance, they bitch about others and start fights and they whinge when things don?t go their way. But not once have any of those people stopped and thought about an individual that isn?t capable of being conscious about their appearance or capable of starting a fight? and why Because they aren?t even capable of moving. They?re bedridden or ill, or they suffer from poverty. Unfortunately due to the way society has shaped out and the way the world has evolved some have life exceptionally hard. They aren?t capable of making choices and life for them is difficult.

In the sense of daily activities things are tough, but those people don?t state that life is hard or that it wasn?t meant to be easy merely because they?re grateful to be alive. They spend every ounce of energy they have in preserving themselves and things they care about instead of complaining. Anyone who is educated enough to ask a question or to make the statement ?life wasn?t meant to be easy? has had it a lot easier then many, people like that make life hard for themselves.
Civilization is a major contributor to the difficulties faced in life. We make things difficult. We invent nuclear bombs, we manufacture guns, we set standards and we spread disease. So who else can we blame We have no right to complain? the fault is ours. We can?t just state ?life wasn?t meant to be easy? because we never gave it a chance to be what it was meant to be. It was altered and given expectations even before it existed. Even before a baby took its first breath of air there were expectations and dreams made for it.
God gave us the gift of life and with it we got opportunity and choice? as far as he/she was concerned life was supposed to be easy. The individual however, tangled themselves in life and made things complex. They analysed things that didn?t need to be analysed and presumed that because things weren?t handed to us in a plater that life was difficult.
Life is what we make it.

If we think it wasn?t meant to be easy, then it won?t be. Nevertheless, if momentarily you can?t escape everything you?ve grown to know and look for a positive in every situation, you?ll see things so much clearer. Life becomes simple and easy. It becomes enjoyable and consists of a purpose. Utilise the gift we were given and make the most of it? seize the day!()


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