Chimps Vs. Humans

Chimps Vs. Humans

In H/G and Chimps they have similar structures in their living styles. The total population size for H/G is 100- 1000 in a tribe; while C have a large group of 40-80 in their primate group. These groups break down into smaller bands or feeding groups. The H/G have a travel group of about 1- 2 dozen people. This is where C and H/G differ because C travel in groups of 3-6, but they are only female. When it comes to Territory H/G need more to survive and have an area of 100- 1000 sq. miles. The C on the other hand can survive on only 15 sq. miles.

The feeding practices for H/G and C are different because in the H/G society they share food with the family first and then the community. The C only feed themselves and mothers share with there infant, but the ill or injured get left behind. The division of labor in H/G is that the men hunt, fish while the women are left to gather and bring in food. The women also trade, teach religion, into politics, clean, mends, and build houses. In the C the males is in charge of the females

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