Identity And Social Structure (Reflective Essay)

Identity And Social Structure (Reflective Essay)

Reflective Essay: Identity and Social Structure

Throughout the semester, we have examined the complex relationship between
a person?s identity and his or her social experience. This relationship is
not easily defined, and I believe that the extent to which its two
components (identity and social structure) are influenced by each other
differs from culture to culture, and furthermore, from individual to
individual. The questions which we are to address in this essay, therefore,
have no clear-cut answers, so the most that this paper can hope to do is to
present the insights that I have gleaned from this class, in light of the
background information I had prior to the class.
Essentially, I believe that society defines the type of experiences a
person has, and that those experiences, in turn, play the most important
part in shaping identity and/or personality. Every individual lives within
a society of some description, and in order to survive, (let alone succeed)
in their society, a person must operate within societal parameters.
As we have learned, society is the result of economic condition, political
situation, and (perhaps most importantly) the discourse generated and
propagated by

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