Japanese Women And The Assult Towards Equality

Japanese Women And The Assult Towards Equality

Japanese Women and the Assault Towards Equality

Women have played a major role in the development and history of the nation of Japan. Their views and actions in Japanese society represent a strong stance of what they believe to be true and right, though sometimes being hesitantly countered by their male counterparts. Through the customary beliefs in Japanese family life, and religion, they have played the part of somewhat of the ?silent leader,? presenting a strong force behind Japanese routine and daily life. Their growing roles in the economy have also represented their budding influence throughout today?s expanding society. While the total view of equality is still far from being achieved, it is clear that Japanese women have worked to a strong degree to begin this discriminatory problem.
From the very early histories of Japan and the people of it, women were faced with sexual discriminatory problems. With the introduction of the Chinese writing system, Kanji, for example, women were not allowed to learn this particular form of communication. Instead, however, they developed a writing system of their own, which is still used today.
As history can show us, these hardships were taken on by the Japanese

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