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Intrest In Medical School And Qualities I Can Bring To The Class
What drew me to Ohio State University College of Medicine is its reputation as one of the foremost leaders in primary care education and cancer research in the United States. Its Comprehensive Cancer Center comprised of the James G Cancer Hospital and the Solove Research Institution has been recognized by the U.S. News as one of America?s best hospitals and the nation?s largest teaching and research institutions respectively, gives student the opportunity to work on a research project.
After reading about Ohio State University College of Medicine I am impressed by your innovative instruction programs, such as the virtual and interactive computer teaching models.

I also liked your three-pathway learning curriculum that gives students flexibility in choosing the most suitable type of instruction. I feel that Ohio State cares about their students by constantly looking for new ways to improve their education.
I am energetic, hardworking, discipline, outgoing and very interested in helping others. I am always willing to share my time and knowledge to help those who may need my assistance. Through my many leadership experiences I have learned how to work well with others, and to motivate people around me to do their best. Part of my job coordinating volunteers at Eastern Illinois Food Bank as well as managing the Snowbird Ski Shop required to me to work with different people ensuring efficiency as well as enjoyment of a job well done.-C


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