The Impact Of Domestication On Human Health

The Impact Of Domestication On Human Health

The Impact of Domestication on Human Health

After reading the two articles by Mark N. Cohen, domestications impact on human health is one of a surprising conclusion. I figured that civilization would lead to a more educated and responsible community on the subject of their health, but I was surprised to find that domestication lead to the corruption of health through malnutrition and the advancement of disease. Throughout this paper you will be given obvious examples of why Cohen made the statement, ?Civilization has not been as successful in guaranteeing human well-being as we like to believe.? I will start off with discussing the major health problems facing hunter-gatherers and from there on you can see why Cohen made the statement he did.
The major health problems facing hunter-gatherers was starvation and disease. The problems however, were not as serious as one might assume. You would form a hypothesis that a population with no advanced medicine or agricultural system would be a population in despair. This was not the case what so ever. The diets of hunter-gatherers appeared to be comparatively well balanced, even when they are lean. Contemporary hunter-gatherers enjoyed levels of caloric

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