Acceptance Essay

Acceptance Essay

I would like to attend New York University next year for college. I have chosen this university for many reasons. First of all one of my goals in life is to work as a civil liberties attorney for the civil liberties union.

This organization is in New York and I will have better access to this facility. This University has an outstanding pre law program and highly ranked law school. Some of the courses taught are international law, linguistics, equal rights, ethics and philosophy will aid me in my future goals. The city of New York has a unlimited opportunities. I feel that I can get the proper training and education to pursue my future goals in this environment. The course work is challenging and this will be something that can help me make a difference.

I plan to be a diligent worker and a discipline student of society to accomplish my aims. It is my devout belief that it is those who are less fortunate than others who are those hat need the most assistance. A great man once said,? the chain is only as strong as its weakest link?. Furthermore, while America is, by far, the greatest nation in the world, there are still malice injustices acting out their iniquities on American soil. Therefore I plan to guard the civil liberties of all individuals with a hope to positively impact my community.


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