Stonehenge is hailed as one of the seven wonders of the world. But why is it called a

?wonder? With science so advanced as to being able to clone mammals, one would thing their

would be rarely any discoveries left to be made. However Stonehenge is shrouded in nothing

more than merely theories and guesses based on little or no fact. Being that we do know very

little, You have yo ask yourself a few questions. What was the purpose of Stonehenge being

built, and that being said how was it constructed. There are thousands of ideas and speculations.

The more likely correct and accepted theories may just surprise you.

As you know, there has not been even one major structure built in the future nor the past

that was ever completed by one man alone. Like Stonehenge they were major undertakings

involving many people with many skills. Those who made Stonehenge succeeded in creating an

incredibly complex and mysterious structure that lived on long after its creators had passed on.

The many aspects of Stonehenge and the processes by which it was built delve into the levels of

intelligence and sophistication of the

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