Assyrian Art And Culture

Assyrian Art And Culture

Assyrian Art and Culture

Art is an ancient and unique way of expression made with a creative skill giving the piece form and beauty that are often particular to a specific race and culture. Every culture has its own way of life, along with its own beliefs. These two points are major factors in the unique artwork that each culture produces. This is no less true of the ancient Assyrian culture. There is no doubt that the art produced by the Assyrians reflect that culture.
Assyrian culture was established in northern Mesopotamia, and over time began to dominate that area. In about 1400 BCE the Assyrians had become a powerful group. In years that followed they proved their dominance and power by ruthlessly taking control of neighboring countries. Opposing countries tried to defend themselves and their land but the Assyrians were too swift and violent. They kept, forcefully, spreading their way of life and by about 900 BCE they controlled most of the Mesopotamian areas. Their artistic and cultural influence was widespread, and went far past the boundaries of Mesopotamian to countries such as Egypt.1 The Assyrian power came quickly and with a vengeance but as

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