Flower Collage

Flower Collage

The Flower Collage

When I saw the flower collage finished, with the pictures already cut and shaped to fill in the empty space on the clean white page to form the collage, it was as if I had seen the flower collage photos for the first time. The photos vividly portrait the colors of the flowers, the greenness of the grass, and the sunshine of the clear, blue sky.
I noticed how beautiful the patch of white flowers looked showing its delicacy as if it had been placed over the top of the wooden fence. These flowers looked as if they were running away or simply having fun under the beautiful sunshine and under the blue sky. I also noticed the little cluster of orange flowers; they looked very tiny beside the big tree. They were trapped between it and the white cement blocks that ring the tree.
As I looked at the flower collage, the image of the Garden of Eden came to my mind. I could not help but wonder whether the Garden of Eden looked anything like this garden. Everywhere I turned there was green grass surrounded by

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