Greek Art History

Greek Art History

Art History #1

2. Discuss the continuity versus change in Greek art. Choose themes/styles/etc. that are prevalent in a variety of artworks and sacred spaces to support your viewpoint.

Greek art influenced and shaped art in a way unmatched by any other civilization in the West. With that being said, Greek art went under many changes, often in a short period of time. These different time periods are easily seen through many of there artworks from the Greek time period. Ranging from the Geometric period of 800 B.C. to the Hellenistic period of 146 B.C. Greek art was constantly changing and evolving as the Greek culture advanced into arguably the most sophisticated culture this world has seen to date.
The Art of Greece changed from time period to time period but most noticeably between the Archaic and Classical period especially with regards to sculpture and architecture. The Archaic period between 680-480 was more oriental, and eastern style and influenced by Egyptian sculpture. The sculptures subjects were
stiff, and very formal and unlike the Egyptians, were never clothed. Take for example the sculpture of Korous. He has the U shaped face, typical of the Archaic period, his face is framed by his hair, and he

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