Nikeof Samothrace

Nikeof Samothrace

Nike of Samothrace and the Portrayal of Nike in Greek Statuary

“Styx, the daughter of Okeanos, lay in love with the giant Pallas (a Titan), and in his mansion gave birth to a Zelus (Emulation) and fair-ankled Nike (Victory) in the house. Also she brought forth Cratos (Strength) and Bia (Force), wonderful children.” (Theogony, lines 383-385).
From Theogony, the myth of Nike was born. She was depicted frequently through the centuries in Greek art. The style supports her depiction as commemorating a victory in the lives of the Greeks. One of her most famous renderings is called the ?Winged Victory? or ?Nike of Samothrace?.
The Winged Victory was discovered in 1862 in Samothrace, Greece. Samothrace is an island claimed by the Micaneans. Much of the Nike is damaged. Originally the Nike was found in over 200 pieces with the base missing for decades. The head, right foot, and arms have never been recovered. Cracks from reconstruction cover the body. Still, much of the Nike has been restored to a recognizable and detailed sculpture. ??it was in the exedra or portico of the elevated Sanctuary of the Great Gods that this massive Nike was displayed, shown as if she were alighting on the prow

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