Anthony Van Dyck

Anthony Van Dyck

Anthony Van Dyck?s ?Andromeda Chained to the Rock?

Anthony Van Dyck is a brilliant and tremendously influential portrait painter who

was also a religious and narrative artist, a consummate draughtsman and etcher and a

charming occasional landscape watercolorist. The seventh of twelve children born to a

wealthy silk merchant in Belgium, Anthony van Dyck began to paint at an early age. By

the age of nineteen, he had become a teacher in Antwerp. In his early twenties, van Dyck

went to Italy, where he studied the paintings of Titian and Paolo Veronese and worked as

a successful portrait painter for the Italian nobility. In 1621 Anthony van Dyck left

Antwerp and his position as chief assistant to Peter Paul Rubens. He spent the next six

years in Italy, conceiving a obsessive admiration for Titian and developing a mature

painting style. He lived in England from 1632 to his death, becoming a fashionable

portrait artist and court painter to King Charles I.

The piece that really stands out of all Van Dyck?s work is Andromeda Chained to

the Rock. Van Dycks cultural environment and pictorial style come forward in this

painting of Andromeda, the beautiful Ethiopian princess whose

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