The Evolutionary Step In Communication

The Evolutionary Step In Communication

The earliest forms of art were naturalistic, or in other words, a ?cave man?, an upper Paleolithic Homeo Sapien- Sapien, found an existing shape in his ? sacred space?, saw the similarities between that and of an animal, like a bison, and decided to trace around it in ochre. Hence the recognition of a shape and the literal transformation of something real into a picture to convey a message to the collective.

After this, the identification, the idea of making an image evolved to something more of a document. For example, later cave paintings are not of the naturalistic form, but rather formalized animal drawings (Cooke, 15). Rather than seeing a pre-existing form, man is creating from his imagination, not literally creating something, but the idea being lent from the indigenous animals of the region, of course not limited to animals, but primarily concentrated on (Coke, 105). Showing us that man was trying, or was indeed, comunicating through the use of images.

I know I am leaving out other steps in the evolution of this idea, but it is clearly too broad of an investigation, if I were to go in that direction. None of my instances are to be examined

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