Ansel Adams

Ansel Adams

The show commemorates the centennial anniversary of the birth of one of America?s most

popular and beloved photographers. For those die-hard Adams enthusiasts, this show is unique and

should not be missed. Szarkowski?s vision of Adams is a personal one; it seeks to demonstrate why

Adams is not only a great photographer and avid environmentalist, but also why he is one of the

great modern artists of the 20th century. This extensive vision is crucial, as it seems likely that much

of the general public?s experience of the prolific Adams has been through the mass marketing of a

limited number of images that have appeared over and over again in calendars, posters and cards.

These images have not addressed Adams? full range of artistic clarity and sophistication as an artist.

Because of this, many of us may view the artist solely through the lens of the objective photographer

or as a Californian environmentalist, which altogether bypass the sensitivity and complexity that an

artist, and not a mere photographer, can offer an audience.

Located in a number of galleries within the museum, the exhibition has been intelligently

broken down into categories that are clear, descriptive and help give shape to the

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