Can postmodernism end

In preparation for answering the monumental question of whether post-modernism can end, certain issues must be first addressed, and certain points established if a logical argument is to be conceived. Firstly, one must establish how post-modernism came about, whether it can be perceived as a style within art, with a beginning that can be marked relatively clearly, or whether it should be looked upon more as a philosophy that has always existed, but came to the forefront with the coining of the term. Throughout the history of art, there have been many attempts to chart the progression of various styles, how they were born and what constitutes them, with categorization of artists who serve as exponents for their cause. Within authoritative surveys of the history of art, such as Gombrich?s ?The Story of Art?, it has been voiced that artistic elements of Post-modernism are currently underway, and have been born as a reaction against Modernism. The beginning of Post-modernism could therefore be marked as the point at which Modernism ended. I feel it may be necessary to also establish, however (if we are to look at the history of art as a progression of

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