Comparason Of Art from 1600 AD

Comparason Of Art from 1600 AD

Comparison of the 3 Great Works of Art from 1600 AD

The period 1600AD saw the emergence of a new art style, the Baroque, which became as one of the greatest style in art history. It focuses on more realistic and emotionally charged themes and a good alternative to earlier mannerism style which uses unrealistic and exaggerated approach. There were also an increased in appreciation and imitation of Greek and Roman literature, art, and architecture which known to be the classicism style. Both the Baroque and Classicism movement brought about some of the greatest artist and works of art in the art history, especially in painting. Among them are: The Calling of St. Mathew by Italian painter Caraggavio, The Elevation of the Cross by the Flemish painter Peter Paul Rubens, The Funeral of Phocion by French artist Nicolas Poussin.

The Calling of St. Mathew was one of the famous works of Caravaggio in Baroque style. It tells the story of the summoning of Levi (St. Mathew?s name before he was converted)

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