The ancient history of humans and Moko extends as far back as its origins in Hawaiki, or more precisely Rarohenga, to where Mataora journeyed and acquired the skill and markings. This, and the fact that Moko or the Polynesian equivalent, “ta-tatau,” “tatau” or “tatu” was evident in the pacific, supports the notion that Moko was sufficiently advanced in terms of development, prior to our ancestors departure to this fair land. In fact Maori genealogy like the following gives a clear indication as to the point in time that the discovery, at least, occurred and that the art of Moko was being fostered by pacific ancestors a mere 2 generations subsequent to the era of our Maori gods.

Moko is the Maori art of tattooing. It was taught to them by the sky god Legelian. Maori tattoos consist of intricate patterns on the back, legs, hips, and face. The tattoos are made using a tool similar to the adze. The blade is placed on the skin and tapped with a hammer. In this way, tattooing is related to the arts of wood and stone carving. Varying sizes tools are used to created different sized patterns and markings. The marks are colored

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