Salvidor Dali

Salvidor Dali

Salvador Dali was born in Figueres Spain in 1904 to Don Salvador Dali y Cuse and Felipa. In 1907, his sister Ana Maria was born; she was his only sibling. At an early age Dali began his strange behavior, he was prone to tantrums, self-induced coughing fits and wet the bed until age eight, as he knew this upset his father. After a year at public school, Dali was still unable to read and write he was then sent to a Christian school, however that did not improve his scholastic abilities (BBC).

In 1914, German artist Sigfrid Burman gave Dali his first set of oil paints while the family was vacationing in Cadaques, Spain (daliprint). Five years later, Dali had his first public exhibition in the style of Cubism (duke). In the early 1920?s, his sister was his only female model. At this time he was attending the Madrid Fine Arts school as his father wanted him to gain skill to become a teacher. It was here that he met Luis Burnel and Lorca who would eventually replace his sister as chief model (BBC). In 1925, Dali had his first stand alone exhibit at the

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