Inuits And Egyptian Sky Myths How Their Societies Are Refl

Inuits And Egyptian Sky Myths: How Their Societies Are Reflected In Myth

“Inuits and Egyptian Sky Myths:
How Their Societies are Reflected In Myth”

Ancient cultures tried to explain the workings of the universe by applying their
experiences in everyday life to the movements of the heavens. The Inuits of the North American
arctic were a tribal society that lived from day to day. The ancient Egyptians were a more
complex society that advanced itself through study and experimentation. Sky myths help show
the formation of the societys survival tactics, family organization, and view of the world around
The Inuits were a simple society based mostly on the hunting and gathering of food within
the arctic of North America. It was an oral culture, meaning that the people used word of mouth
in order to pass their history through the generations. The culture was polytheistic, and its gods
and goddesses were personifications of the nature forces (thunder, light, etc.) (Encyclopedia
Mythica). The people had to struggle in order to survive, and held every piece of food, metal,
and wood as something precious. It was known that tribes of Inuits would search abandoned
camps of European fur traders in search of pieces of iron and scraps of wood (Brice-Bennett).
Family and hunting groups were one and the

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