Cointelpro Vs. Black Panther Party

Cointelpro Vs. Black Panther Party2060,1960,….

Cointelpro Vs. Black Panther Party
Cointelpro, what was it Was it an organization created for fear and
distrust the US government, or was it a government intervention Basically
Cointelpro was the FBIs secret program to undermine the popular upsurge,
which swept the country during the 1960s.
When breaking the law, for example, exposure, harassment, or
prosecution for political crimes were getting out of hand, thats when the
Cointelpro came in. The Bureau took the law into its own hands and secretly
used fraud and force to protect political activity.
We found out about the Cointelpro thanks to a FBI office, which removed
the secret files and presented it to the media on March 1971. A big scandal
began, because of the lawsuits and requests of the public for bringing out new
information about it. To control all of this damage, Congress and courts
commanded to the FBI to reveal the other half of the information about it, and to
promise it would not do repeat their actions again in the future. Although most of
the info was stored back into the “secret files”, some was copied from the
The Cointelpro worked by secretly instruct their field offices to propose
schemes such as: misdirect, discredit, disrupt or otherwise neutralize certain
individuals and groups. The most intense operations were directed against the
Black movement, basically the Black Panther Party. The Black community had a
lack of material resources to fight back, so the FBI and police (whites in general)
took this as an advantage. Many other activities that opposed US intervention for
racial, gender or class were also main targets under convert attack. There was
no limit to those who used physical force or took up arms.
Till today we ask ourselves what effect did this all have and did it ever
really end Well, it had a big effect on society. It reinforced the weaknesses of
some groups and made them learn from their mistakes to build solid and durable
organizations. Its violent assaults and smart manipulation in a long run helped to
capture dangerous activists, substitute armed actions and make its victims blame
themselves and each other for the problems it created. The FBI and police were
able to severely weaken the domestic political opposition without making the
people think that they live in a democracy, with free speech and the rule of law.
Judging from the information revealed to the media Cointelpro was
officially abolished. But after a certain period of time, some actions began to
reappear. But all of this and maybe more occurred in an era of reform, so since
we dont have all the facts, it will be hard to determine if it all ended.
Another “Party” that struggled through the 60s was the Black Panther
Party. It started out in the summer of 1968, when the David Brothers established
a Black Panter Party (BPP) branch in Brooklyn, NY. A lot of people especially
The main goal was the national liberation of African people in the United
States and it restricted its membership to Blacks only. But as it provided Africans
in the US with a broader understanding of Black and White relationships, they
wanted to prove their point. Overall They wanted to make themselves
acceptable to White society, prove to whites that They are human, prove that
They were equal to Whites, disprove racist ideas held by Whites, struggle for
integration of equal status with Whites and wanted to pose the theories of “loving
the enemy”, “hating the enemy”, “they are all devils” etc. Another thing that
attracted members and massive support to the BPP was its policy of “serving to
people”. They organized community programs ranging from free breakfast for
children, to free health clinics, to free clothing drives, established all kinds of
campaigns for community control of school, police, to stop drugs, crime and
police murder and brutality in most of the Black neighborhoods across America.
They wanted to be exposed to the public that badly that they spread their
messages and ideas through newspapers, mass rallies, speaking tours, slogans,
posters, graffiti, political trials, radio and even TV.
Although the BPP did plenty of good and made a lot of Black people lifes
easier, they also had a lot of negative sides that went along with them. As I
mentioned above “that They wanted to the exposed to the public”, by doing that
the BPP used their rights a little too much and pushy. They fell into the habit of
making boisterous claims in the media or selling “wolf tickets” in which they
couldnt back up. Eventually, because of making these silly mistakes people
didnt take them serious anymore. Another thing was pride. The Party members
became so arrogant and dogmatic that they were part of a certain organization
Most of the members had tendencies associated with a lack of discipline,
liberal use of alcohol, marijuana and cursing. They also had a lot of sex morals
and criminal mentality associated with rash actions. The final judgment of the
BPP is that it gave a whole new look to the Black Agenda, which was necessary
to obtain victory after a certain period of time.
In my conclusion, both organizations were fighting for one goal, which was
freedom of race. The Cointelpro wanted only Whites to be the head of
everything. They wanted to get rid of Blacks or keep them in the lowest class
available. On the other hand BPP wanted to show Whites that they are capable
of doing the same things they are or even better. They didnt want to be treated
as the lowest of lowest meaning people without class. But from all the
differences they shared one similar thing. Both groups were known all over
states. It was all happening almost at the same time, one after another.

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