A Child Called It

A Child Called It

This book chronicles Dave?s childhood from 4 to 12 years of age. His life started off happy; he had a mother, father, and two brothers. They lived a good life; family dinners, vacations, love and affection. But around the time David Pelzer was 4 years old, his mother began a steady decline into the world of alcoholism and mental illness. Her behavior began to radically change. Her once sweet, loving nature became harsh. She would spend all day on the couch in her bathrobe watching television and drinking.

For reasons not explained in this book, Dave was targeted for all of his mother?s rage. The ?discipline? began simply by making him sit in the corner for hours at a time. Then the beatings started, and she even pulled his arm out of socket. Dave?s father was a firefighter and stayed at the firehouse until his day off. Dave loved when his father was home because it meant he was ?safe? because his mother had to be on her best behavior.

As his mother?s descent into the illness continued, the abuse worsened. She banished him to the basement and made him wear the same dirty clothes day after day. She

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