Birth, Life & Death In The Story Of An Hour?

Birth, Life & Death In “The Story Of An Hour?

An hour. Sixty minutes. 120 seconds. A lifetime. An hour can be all these things and more. To Mrs. Mallard, in Kate Chopin?s ?The Story of an Hour? an hour encompasses her re-birth, life and ultimate death.

Knowing Mrs. Mallard has had cardiac problems, we find her receiving word from her sister, Josephine, that Mr. Mallard has been involved in a train wreck, and is listed among those ??leading the list of ?killed.? Her medical condition has everyone concerned for her health, and afraid this shock may cause her undue stress, and although unspoken, perhaps even death. Her initial reaction is not unexpected, although ??She did not hear the story as many women have heard the same, with a paralyzed inability to accept its significance. There were tears, but they were not tears as one would expect from a woman who had just discovered he husband had been killed. ??She wept at once, with sudden wild abandonment??

Although she doesn?t feel her marriage is one dominated by her husband, she does feel the constraints which come with any relationship where two people have to work at compromise. Her thoughts on suddenly realizing she

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