Cat In The Rain

Cat In The Rain

Ernest Hemingway?s ?Cat in the Rain?

Hemingway?s ?Cat in the Rain? is a short story depicting a couples stay in Italy. The woman in the story sees a cat stranded outside in the rain and wants to bring him to her hotel room. When she goes to retrieve the cat, it is gone. However a short while later the cat is delivered to her room by the hotelkeeper. Hemingway helps the reader to appreciate ?Cat in the Rain? through his use of setting, writing style, and character.
Ernest Hemingway uses the setting in the short story ?Cat in the Rain? to set a unique feeling. In the story ?it was raining. The rain dripped from the palm leaves.? (Hemingway 408). The hotel is where the whole story takes place. The hotel was not very active on the rainy day. ?There were only two Americans stopping at the hotel. They did not know any of the people they passed on the stairs on their way to and from their room.? (Hemingway 408). The Italian atmosphere with the American guests in it gives definite volume to the setting.
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