Bartleby the Scrivener

Bartleby was a very interesting character. It is difficult to imagine being so alone in the world that you have to live where you work. Not only his behavior but the things he said made me uncomfortable. His words did not fit in with his plan to stay and live there. He even refused to continue the work he was hired to do. There was always something about Bartleby that made him seem not human.
The boss on the other hand was not reacting to Bartleby as one would expect a boss to react. Perhaps Bartleby knew he would react like that; the boss was also lenient with his other two scriveners. Maybe Bartleby chose this man for that reason. Bartleby could have easily observed the behaviors of the other two men that worked there. When he was hired he performed as the perfect employee, this would gain the bosses trust. Then when the boss asked something of Bartleby he tested the water and said in a very polite and pleasant manner that he would prefer not to. The more he would push the boss the more he found he could get a way with.
Bartleby?s behavior

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