Gabriel An Awakening To Mortality In ?The Dead?

Gabriel: An Awakening To Mortality In ?The Dead?

Gabriel: An Awakening to Mortality in ?The Dead?
Gabriel Conroy, the protagonist in the short story ?The Dead? by James Joyce, is the victim, due to his delusional feelings toward humanity and his ignorance against the mortality of all mankind. ?A teacher and critic of literature,? [?] (Benstock 85) Gabriel is a sensitive man who doubts himself and his abilities. In order for him to mask his insecurity, he has convinced himself that he is superior to others. In doing so, Gabriel has always been able to keep his emotions well hidden. He realizes that these delusional thoughts have created his dead existence. When Gabriel hears of Gretta?s lost love, Michael Furey, he experiences a life changing epiphany. It is at that moment that Gabriel realizes that his world is not what it seems. Gabriel was unaware that Gretta had loved another before him. ?All her married years Gretta had held secret from Gabriel her love for Michael Furey, the tubercular lad who worked at the gasworks and died at seventeen burning with passion for her after he struggled through the rain to

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