Gooseberries, a story written by Anton Chekhov. I felt that Chekhov tried to encourage us to use our own intellect and imagination to understand what motivates the characters and, also, to guess the meaning behind events. I felt that he tried to make two appeals. I believe, one, he tries to make an appeal on human indifference and the act of doing good, and he also tries to create a conflict between the characters in the story. However, this is not s direct conflict, but I feel that it is more of an indirect conflict between them.
I think Chekhov was not successful trying to achieve his point in the story. I have read the story four times, and still I am confused, however, still I will try my best to comprehend Chekovs view. I felt he is trying to make an appeal to human indifference and the act of doing good. He mentions this while he tells the story of his brother, and when he talks to Pavel ?Don?t you fall into apathy, don?t you let your conscience be lulled to sleep! While you are still young, strong, active, do not be weary of well-doing. There is

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