E Pluribus Unum Out Of Many One, Immigration

E Pluribus Unum: Out Of Many One, Immigration

?Remember, remember always, that all of us… are descended from immigrants and revolutionists.? -Franklin D. Roosevelt. Between 1892 and 1954 over twelve million immigrants from various countries traveled to the United States through Ellis Island, for innumerable reasons. However, starting in the fiscal year of 1930 and 1932, there has been a slow decline in documented immigrants. This is not because people do not want to live in America, or because America does not want immigrants, instead this is due to changing immigration laws. Heavier restrictions on people migrating to the melting pot has caused the slump in numbers of documented immigrants. The problem with immigration is the undocumented aliens who move to the United States in diverse ways. These immigrants cause problems within the American society. Immigration has dramatically effected the United States in the past 120 years, in the forms of language, culture, religion, politics, and the economic system. The American society will appreciate immigration only after the documentation problem has found a solution, Americans understand their own heritage, and tolerance of many becomes an accepted idea.
The system of documenting immigrants is unreliable, faulty, and out-dated for

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