We and Mother Courage

We and Mother Courage

World Literature Essay

After exploring satires, We by Zamyatin and Mother Courage and her children by Brecht, I as a reader have become more aware of the vast image of life and how humans live. I think that exploring the structures of stories is one way to understand the ideas that these authors are suggesting to us. The structure of We and Mother Courage greatly affects the message Zamyatin and Brecht are attempting to convey to the reader or audience. The unique thing about these works is that their authors have written them to enlighten people about the mistakes that humans make.
First, the structure of We and Mother Courage are completely different because on novel is in the form of a diary and the other is a play. We was written in the form of records. Each record is a daily account of what happened and a description of D-503?s thoughts as well. D-503 describes each event and then gives his opinion about each. There is a constant use of emotional description as well between each event. We is in first person and D-503 is the narrator of each record, thus quotes are used all

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