Labor Relations During The New Deal Period

Labor Relations During The New Deal Period

A Look at Labor Relations During the New Deal Period.

As the Great Depression set in, Americans were looking for a savior. In 1932, they elected Democrat Franklin D. Roosevelt as President of the United States. Roosevelt took office in March of 1933 and pledged himself to creating a New Deal for the citizens of the United States. Within days, he was fulfilling this pledge by pressing acts through Congress at a rapid rate. Many called this legislation an ?alphabet soup? of acts that would bring relief, set regulations, and create public works initiatives unlike anyone had ever seen (Gordon 303). The most important act was the establishment of the National Industrial Recovery Act in May 1933. The NIRA created the National Recovery Administration headed by Hugh Johnson. The NRA established codes and regulations for labor, setteling precedents that continue to affect American workers today. Without the creation of this regulatory labor administration in the New Deal, the rights of the American worker would have continued to be suppressed.
One of the most important provisions established in the National Industrial Recovery Act gave workers the right to join a union.

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