The way that I handle the mushroom assignment is the same way that I handle things in real life. I try to focus upon everything that goes on in my life; I observed things in life as it comes.
There have been times in my life that I do think and also wish that I could change things after the outcome, but I also try not to focus upon the past of my outcomes. Doing things in which it takes time to do can sometimes be a problem for me, the reason is because my days are already set. Being a mother, wife, student, and working full-time have its advantage and disadvantage. My day is the same each and every day. I wake up in the morning to prepare breakfast for my husband and children. See the children off to school (only two) and spend the rest of the day watching TV (Disney channel) with my 18 month old, and trying to complete my homework assignment in both classes. At about 11am I began preparing lunch for my little one, after she has eaten she takes a nap for one to two hours. When she wake up its time for

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