Marie De France And Petrach

Marie De France And Petrach

Romantic Love In Dante?s Inferno and The Lais of Marie De France

It is fascinating to take the time out to examine in similarities and differences in the way authors Dante Aligheri and Marie De France impart to their readers their views on romantic love. It can almost be said that the two perspectives are ?similarly different.?
Marie De France, like Dante, has a distinctive literary form. Her narrative twists and female perspective, differentiate her vastly from Dante. She focuses on stories from womens points of view, she involves her female characters much more actively than Dante. For example, note that Francesca is the only female in hell who has a speaking part. In total, there are only sixteen women even mentioned in Dante?s subterranean journey. Nine of them are in Limbo, and out of the remaining seven, five reside in Francescas ?circle in Hell.? Throughout the Comedy, Dante appears to view women as the center of some sort of tragic love triangle, while throughout the Lais Marie?s women are shown to have character and grace.

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