Indian Camp

Indian Camp

Indian Camp Criticism

Relationships are very important in the world these days. There are many types of relationships, some which are positive and others that are negative. A particular relationship that will be discussed is a father-son relationship. A father-son relationship should be positive especially while the son is young. Fathers should spend more time with his son, whether it?s throwing a baseball or going fishing at the lake. Fathers should also be responsible for teaching their son the ways of the world, especially about the female. Earnest Hemingway presents a normal father-son relationship in the story ?Indian Camp?.
Hemingway demonstrates a normal relationship between Nick and his father, by showing that they actually do things together. An example occurs when Nick helps his father deliver a baby into the world. Nick basically is just like an intern, whose there just to learn by observing. I also have experienced this type of connection with my dad. My dad and I installed a new audio system in my car, which included a CD player, amplifier, and some speakers. I didn?t know precisely what to do, but I was there handing him all

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