Maxim: The Popular Culture

Somewhere in this world there is a magazine that appeals to any specific person. Every magazine has a particular style and content that is written to a particular audience. Magazine publishers know what is popular, they know what their specific audience enjoys or is interested in. The editors and publishers use this information to piece together a magazine with a particular style and content that will appeal to their subjects readers. Each magazine represents the popular culture of its particular audience. Maxim magazine is not different than any other magazine. Maxim magazine represents young mens popular culture to the fullest through its use of, advertisements, articles, pictures, layout, and style.
People cannot judge books by their cover, but with magazines it is a different story. The cover is the first thing seen in a magazine. By looking at the cover, usually potential readers will know the topic. Magazines are unlike books because they are often sold on newsstands and magazine racks in bookstores. Many people buy magazines because of their covers. This is why most magazines have a loud and vibrant cover, which lets readers

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