Like Water For Chocolate

Like Water For Chocolate

Like Water for Chocolate

The novel, Like Water for Chocolate written by Laura Esquivel, is about a girl named Tita De La Garza and her struggle to pursue true love and claim her independence. Every chapter is marked by a month of the year and with a recipe at the beginning of every chapter. The structure of Like Water for Chocolate is dependent on these recipes, as the main episodes of each chapter generally involve the preparation or consumption of the dishes that these recipes hold.
In this novel the protagonist is Tita and her mother Mama Elena is the chief antagonist. This mother-daughter relationship is difficult from the beginning, when Tita is brought into the world prematurely after her father?s sudden death. Tita and her mother never had a strong relationship or a bond with each other and Tita ends up developing a relationship with food that gives her power to nurture and give out let to her emotions. Overall, Tita and her mother share a central characteristic that tells both of their individual struggles and their conflicts with each other. In the end, Tita which obeys her mother?s commands, engages in a life log struggle for love, and eventually

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