Paradise Lane

Paradise Lane

By William Taylor

Although William Taylor is one of the best authors in New Zealand, he well known in the United States. In the small town of Ohakune, he is a mayor and writes full time. He is a former principal and schoolteacher of twenty-five years. He is known for writing several young adult books, including The Worst Soccer Team Ever, and Break a Leg (Reed Methuen). A nineteenth century based novel, Paradise Lane, introduces two very memorable characters and their romance through hard times.

No one really liked Rosie Perkins. She was a quiet lonely girl that lived in a very run downed house. She never really had any friends. As she takes home an orphaned baby possum, classmates of hers tortured her with dead possums on her way home. All Rosie ever wanted was to be ignored. A distant neighbor, Michael Geraghty, feels the need to go and help her. Even though they both live right next to each other, its like they are living two different lives. Rosie?s family is quiet and confined as Michael?s family is very loud and

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