Living A Life Of Lies And Deception A Book Review

Living A Life Of Lies And Deception: A Book Review

Living a Life of Lies and Deception

In the novel, The Autobiography of an Ex-Coloured Man, by James Weldon Johnson, the author attempts to express his views on the ?Negro Question.? By writing in both the North and the South, as well as from the perspective of both a white man and a black man, the author is able to gain a wide array of different perspectives.
James Weldon Johnson was born in 1871, in Jacksonville, Florida. He attended segregated schools in Jacksonville until eighth grade. There were no high schools for blacks in Jacksonville, so he went to Atlanta where he continued his education. He became the first black lawyer in the state of Florida, and started the first black newspaper in the United States. Johnson used his newspaper, as well as his poems, songs, and novels to express his racial views. He was a leader among the African-American community and had a very optimistic view of racial issues.
Throughout the novel, there are many connections between the life of the protagonist and the life of Johnson. For example, both the protagonist and Johnson were or were going to be students of Atlanta University.

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