In Our Time

In Our Time

Change Of Nick In In Our Time
In Ernest Hemingway?s 1925 short story collection In Our Time, the main character, Nick, changes from a naive boy to an educated man. Through the stories, his view, on relationships, sanity, and death develop and intensify. His dynamic characteristics become apparent through his actions, dialogue, and inner monologue.

Through the short stories, Nick?s perspective on relationships was changed by his family and friends. In the short story, ?The Doctor and the Doctor?s Wife?, Nick is shown how to ?treat? a woman by his father. Nick?s mother is just ignored and in a way is looked down upon in their household. When his mother says to Nick?s father, ?If you see Nick, dear, will you tell him his mother wants to see him?, he just ?forgets? about telling Nick and allows his son to go hunting with him. Nick learns from this his experiences with his father that women aren?t important. Hemingway also uses clues to show that women don?t have a significant role by using a phrase such as ?Then he heard his wife?s voice from the darkened room.? These words show that women in this time where never in the ?light?, always hidden from

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