English Writing Values

English Writing Values

In the XVIII century most of the stories written by English were tragic. Most of them had to do with pain ,death and values. They exaggerated reality in most of them, were the agency was supernatural and the dialogue represented real life.

In a stories called ? preface to Shakespeare? they show us a perfect example of how these people thought and what were real values to them. It shows us what was the beauty in the writing, of the XVIII century. Shakespeare for example excelled in accommodating his sentiments to real life, and write about those feelings in a more inspiring way were life was misrepresented and language depraved. Passion was a cause of happiness. The drama that Shakespeare shows in his stories is the mirror to real life hidden behind the characters, the settings , the story. Human emotion and nature were other beauties that were written about in this century buy Shakespeare.

We can also see many of these

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