Frankenstein An Honest Opinion

Frankenstein: An Honest Opinion

Frankenstein: An Honest Opinion
Frankenstein, a tale of a curiosity for life turned deadly obsession, explores one man?s unhealthy and immoral fixation on existence. Before I read this book, I thought I knew how this story went. A mad scientist creates a monster. The monster is evil and ugly. The monster kills people. I?m sure I?m not the only one who painted this stereotypical picture in their head of Frankenstein and I?m sure I?m not the only one who thought Frankenstein was the monster?s name, and not the scientist?s. Although I knew the basic gist of the story, I was wrong about a few things.
While reading Frankenstein, I was surprised to find that the story had a lot to do with Victor Frankenstein?s life, rather than his monster. I felt the beginning of the book was somewhat hard to follow and

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