The Yellow Wallpaper

The Yellow Wallpaper

The Yellow Wall Paper

In the short story ?The Yellow Wall Paper?, by Charlotte Perkins, Jane and her husband move into a rental house for the summer. The room in which Jane stays has ugly yellow colored wallpaper. During the story Jane goes from being ?sick?, to really becoming insane. Her insanity is shown through the images she sees in the wallpaper and her behavior toward them.
At the beginning of the short story Jane is told that she is sick, and that she should not do any work or take part in any stressful activity. She is taking phosphates and tonics under her husband?s advice. Jane enjoys her writing, but is told not to continue. Throughout the story she continues to write, hiding the writings from her husband and only working when he is away. Her husband considers her condition to be temporary nervous depression, which is to be treated with lots of rest. She is told that she should not leave the room, which in actuality, only makes her true condition worse.
As the story progresses Jane?s actions and thought patterns become stranger and stranger. Her hatred for the yellow wallpaper continues

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