Dave Ramsey Financial Peace

Dave Ramsey Financial Peace

Financial Peace
After reading Dave Ramsey?s ?Financial Peace, revisited?, I feel that I have got more sense of what I am spending my money on and I feel like I know more about financial things that I used not really to be to concerned about, and this book has helped me to understand more about everyday finance and that I can have financial success in the future if I just make some sacrifices and watch my money and on what I am spending it on. Although it took me a while to read this book I found it interesting and easy to understand, and it will be very helpful in the future to have read this book. I?m will talk briefly about the book and then I will talk about the parts I liked about it and what stood out for me in it.

In Financial Peace Revisited, Dave Ramsey talks about how to get out of debt and to save up money. Using spiritual guidance, he shows us easy-to-follow rules to help us pay off debts. He recommends ways to change our spending habits, ways to be a bargain shopper, and ways to save our money. After learning these principles,

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