Lord Of The Flies

Lord Of The Flies

Lord of the Flies

The main conflict in Lord of the Flies is one that each of us feel everyday. The conflict between being moral, being peaceful and living by the rules, or gain supremacy over a group by acting brutal. Most people in today?s world possess good instincts due to laws, rules and regulations that are enforced by people in our society. But what happens when the leader of the civilization is you and there is no one there to control you That is the case in Lord of the Flies the boys in the novel are forming ?groups? good vs. bad. A percentage of the kids are drawn to being possessed by the evil and not living civilized and trying to get off the island. There was a lot of persuasion on the island, for example, Ralph made sure Piggy would always stay civil and be beside him the whole time, but Jack was persuading everyone that he was the new leader so they broke off into two separate ?clans.? Piggy asks the boys would it be better to kill like Indians or to have order and get rescued. The way the boys

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