Journey To The Land Of Emeralds

Journey To The Land Of Emeralds

The Journey to the Land of Emeralds

In order for an author to create a successful piece of children?s literature they must first understand the important aspects of literature that is targeted specifically for children and why those aspects are key. The hero of the story is usually a child (or sometimes an animal) who is on a journey in search of something and the parents are not in the picture for various reasons. These aspects, along with many others, are included so that the piece of literature will appeal to the child and they will be able to connect with the characters. The significance of the journey varies depending on the author?s intentions for the novel and rather they want to add a didactic element to the story or not. Although L. Frank Baum stated in his introduction to The Wonderful Wizard of Oz that the story was ?written solely to pleasure children? of the time, he uses the journey to the city of emeralds as a way to show the growth of each of the four traveling characters (p xix). The heroin, Dorothy, begins her journey and picks up each of the other three characters at certain times during

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