The River

The River


The River written by Gary Paulsen is a sequel to the book ?The Hatchet.? This book is about a boy named Brian Robeson who has
survived months in the woods by himself and now goes back to the woods to show and teach people how to survive.

Three men have come to Brian?s house to ask him if he would go back to the woods to survive again. They want to write everything down and make a ?survival book? for other people to read. After much thought and talking his mom and dad into it, Brian decides to go. Derek Holtzer, a psychologist, will go with Brian to the woods and document everything Brian does to survive.

They are flown to the place that they have picked out. Brian decides that it wouldn?t actually be surviving if they take all the equipment that Derek has packed, such as food and a tent. The only thing Brian agrees to keep is a radio to be used only in emergencies and for Derek to check in every week.

One of the first things that Brian and Derek did was to make a

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