Anne Frank

Anne Frank

Catherine Benavides
Period 1
March 09, 2004

The book Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl has a lot of setting. But most of the story took place in Prinsengracht canal in a warehouse which was called ?Secret Annexe?. The Secret Annexe, is a warehouse which was just fixed to be a hiding place. It is hidden by lots of doors, stairs, and window. There is office, attic and small kitchen in it. There is a door at each end of the landing, the left leads to a storeroom and the right hand door leads to the Secret Annexe. No one would ever guess that there would be so many rooms hidden behind that plain gray door. The door is concealed by a cupboard. It?s dark, gloomy inside. It has lots of room, like Frank?s family?s room, Anne and Margot?s room, a room containing wash basin and small W.C. compartment. There?s a big room with stove, radio and sink which can be the kitchen, general living room, dining room and scullery. It is also a bedroom for Mr. and Mrs. Van Daan.

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