Death of a Salesman

Death of a Salesman

Analysis of the Character Ben and the Development of Willy Loman

Arthur Millers (1915-present) character Ben in Death Of A Salesman helps the development of the main character Willy. Ben is used as somewhat of a mentor for Willy; Ben is everything that Willy wants to be in life. We can see who Willy is by exploring who Ben is. Bens morals and actions are everything that Willy believes in and wishes for himself and his sons. When we understand who Ben is, we can see the theme of the book appear, that is, you cannot let yourself get caught up in the “American Dream.” Ben only appears three times in the entire play, first in a flashback, second in a quasi-flashback where Willy has inserted him into a scenario that actually happened, and finally in a complete hallucination. When we compare and analyze each of these occurrences, it gives us the chance to see who Willy Loman really is. This is Millers main purpose for Ben in this play; he is a utensil that allows us to understand what Willy Loman is thinking.
Arthur Miller was born the second of three children to Isidore

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