The Light Of The World

The Light Of The World

In ?the light of the world?, by Ernest Hemingway, the main setting is a train station where our characters are sitting on a bench. The setting gives us time place and atmosphere; in addition it sheds light on the character nick. Showing his sensitivity to beauty and how naive he is. The setting also show?s how nick is still just learning the way?s of the world and just getting his feet wet.

The physical setting involves a time in Nick?s life where he is still young. The setting is a train station with benches where He meets 5 whores and six white men. Nick, the narrator, tells us ?that it was crowded and hot from the stove and full of stale smoke. As we came in nobody was talking? (40). This is what is said before Nick and his friend walk into the room. This little bit of description adds to our understanding of how the characters begin to get a little hostile. After that the dialogue between characters does not stop, which gives us more insight into how out going nick really is. Symbolically this train station represents Nick?s life and how he will meet new people and in his

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